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Plotter Drawings and Sculpture, 1966 - 1970 ➔ Sinescape (B&W)

plotter drawings
Charles A. Csuri
black ink, papers
IBM 7094, Punch Cards, Calcomp Drum Plotter Model 565
See also a color version of Sinescape in this collection.

Historical Significance
Sinescape resulted from Csuri’s application of the sine curve function to transform one of his landscape drawings. It is one of the few early works that includes color, which the artist obtained by simply changing the plotter pen from black to red. Csuri’s shift from oil paintings to plotter drawings was dramatic in large part because a drum plotter did not offer Csuri the vibrancy of oil paints. However, the artist continued to think and to imagine in color, as demonstrated by his sketchbook drawings from 1965-66 and the color-related programming tools he collaborated to create from the late 1980s to the middle 1990s.
Artist's Comments
I made a line drawing of a landcape which was then digitized as input. A sine wave function was used to make modifications to the drawing. It appears as though I had the program repeat the procedure about twelve times.

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