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Charles A. Csuri
Historical Sketches, 1964 - 1970 ➔ Alligator


Charles A. Csuri
black ink, papers
1964 - 1966

Historical Significance
Charles Csuri began making computer art in 1963. The artist saw potential in this new medium for creating objects that could be transformed and imbued with possibilities. Csuris scientific colleagues embraced his vision. Most in the fine arts community, however, did not share Csuris enthusiasm. On the contrary, the mere suggestion that computer art could be part of the fine arts world often was met with hesitation, disregard and, occasionally, aggressive attitudes. In extreme cases, using a computer to create art was seen as degrading, heinous, and evil. This and similar sketches were created while Csuri was in the throes of processing technologys creative potential and the attitudes about computer art that were circulating within his professional sphere at the time. These early sketches are a dramatic departure from both Csuris traditional and computer art. They show, for example, flying demons, automated humanoids, and evil beings dismembering bodies. In sum, they are a reflection of the hostile attitudes that Csuri encountered in the 1960s.
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Charles A. Csuri