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Professional Life Events

Csuri completes M.A. Thesis.
Begins working with the computer to make art.
Makes first art with an anlaogue computer art.
Won the Computer and Automation Award for "Sine Curve Man."
Won fourth International Experimental Film Competition, Brussels for the film "Hummingbird"
First artist to use computer-driven milling machine to create a sculpture.
Museum of Modern Art purchases the film "Hummingbird" for permanent collection.
Artwork highlighted in Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition, Institute for Contemporary Art, London
First artist to receive a grant from the National Science Foundation
Establishes the Computer Graphics Research Group (CGRG) at Ohio State
Receives Distinguished Scholar Award, Ohio State
Exhibits in the 42nd Biennale de Venezia, Italy
Award of Distinction from Prix Ars Electronica 1989 for "Mask of Fear"
Award of Distinction from Prix Ars Electronica 1990 for "Gossip"
Commentary on Csuri's computer art appears in "Art and Dossier."
Exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Recognized as "father of digital art and computer animation" by Smithsonian Magazine
Received Governer's Award for Individual Artist in Ohio.
Awarded the Joseph Sullivant Medal