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1987 - 1991: Gossip

  • Short Link:
  • Filename: 54.tif
  • Accession: C06.00020

  • Title: Gossip

  • Creator: Charles A. Csuri
  • Date: 1990

  • Type: digital art (still)
  • Material: oil, canvas
  • Measurements: 122 x 165 cm (48 x 65 in.)

  • Hardware: Unix environment
  • Awards: Charles A. Csuri was awarded a Distinction by the Prix Ars Electronica jury for his entry Gossip in the category Computer Graphics. The Prix Ars Electronica is an international compedium of the computer arts, Linz, Austria.

  • Algorithms: fragmentation, texture map
  • Collection: Roy Gottlieb, D.D. S., College of the Arts, The Ohio State University
  • Historical Significance: A function for fragmentation was used to break the figure into pieces. It has the capability to make clusters of fragments, control their range of displacement and to rotate them. The center section is the same as the figures on the sides but with a greater displacement. I made a painting of just stripes. My painting was scanned and then I mapped it onto the 3d models. The center section was shifted and rotated many times before I thought it worked in the space.

  • Copyright: CsuriVision ltd. (c) All Rights Reserved
  • Rights Information:
  • Reproduction Format: transparency 4 x 5
  • Date - Reproduction Item: April 12, 2006