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1992 - 1995: Wondrous Spring

  • Short Link:
  • Filename: 49.tif
  • Accession: C06.00009

  • Title: Wondrous Spring

  • Creator: Charles A. Csuri
  • Date: 1992

  • Type: digital art (still)
  • Hardware: Unix environment
  • Algorithms: colormix shader, texture map
  • Collection: Charles A. Csuri
  • Historical Significance: Wondrous Spring, a relatively early work of the middle period, defines Csuri as a colorist and foreshadows the elegance of the artist’s later and recent works. Csuri credits his wife and creative companion, Lee Csuri, for his appreciation of beauty. Lee Csuri’s skills as an artist are visible in the intricate gardens, filled with flowers, water elements, and dry landscapes, that surround the Csuri household. This environment has nurtured Csuri’s creativity with seasonal inspiration and the deep sense of the beauty that exists in the phenomenal world.

    Csuri has made a PHS cologram and prints of this work.

  • Artist's Comments: I tried to make color work more like light. The same texture map was used on both the flower and the background. Alignments of the two-texture maps help with the feeling of color atmosphere. There is a second copy of the flower made transparent in the lower right corner. The inspiration for this work came from my wife Lee's flower garden.

  • Copyright: CsuriVision ltd. (c) All Rights Reserved
  • Rights Information:
  • Reproduction Format: transparency 4 x 5
  • Date - Reproduction Item: April 12, 2006