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Plotter Drawings, 1966 - 1970: Hummingbird (g)

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  • Filename: 27.jpg
  • Accession: C07.13162

  • Title: Hummingbird (g)

  • Creator: Charles A. Csuri
  • Date: 1968

  • Type: drawing
  • Sub-Type (Sub-Genre): plotter drawing
  • Material: ink, paper
  • Hardware: Calcomp drum plotter model 565, IBM 7094, punch cards
  • Historical Significance: This work is one of the series of Hummingbird fragmentation drawings. The series are stills captured from Csuri's famous Hummingbird animation, in which he uses techniques that are similar to today's morphing.

  • Artist's Comments: We completed a ten minute computer animated film entitled Hummingbird. The subject was a line drawing of a hummingbird for which a sequence of movements appropriate to the bird were outlined. Over 30,000 images comprising some 25 motion sequences were generated by the computer. For these, selected sequences were used for the film. A micro-film plotter recorded the images directly to film. To facilitate control over the motion of some sequences, the programs were written to read all the controlling parameters from cards, one card for each frame. Curve fit or other date generating programs were used to punch the parameter decks. We also built a windowing option into our plot subroutine.

  • Notes: Early pioneers of computer graphics and animation include artists (such as Chuck Csuri, Lillian Schwartz, and John Whitney) and researchers (such as Ivan Sutherland and Ken Knowlton). Their works motivated the work of the others as they tried to realize the potential of this new vision. Csuri's Hummingbird (1968) is one of the examples.

  • Copyright: CsuriVision ltd. (c) All Rights Reserved
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  • Reproduction Format: slide 35mm
  • Date - Reproduction Item: May 10, 2006