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Plotter Drawings, 1966 - 1970: Hummingbird II

  • Short Link:
  • Filename: 346.tif
  • Accession: C07.13123

  • Title: Hummingbird II

  • Creator: Charles A. Csuri
  • Date: 1969

  • Type: photoscreen
  • Material: color ink, Plexiglas
  • Measurements: 46 x 76 cm (18 x 30 in.)

  • Hardware: IBM 1130, punch cards
  • Collection: Charles A. Csuri
  • Historical Significance: Not beholden to its more famous counterpart, the Hummingbird film, Hummingbird II shows Csuri’s early interest in the concept of fragmentation, particularly as it could be used to explore the relationship between form and abstraction. Hummingbird II is one of only a few early works by Csuri to have photo screen on Plexiglas as its final form. Most of Csuri’s early works were printed with black ink on plotter paper.

  • Copyright: CsuriVision ltd. (c) All Rights Reserved
  • Rights Information:
  • Reproduction Format: digital image/file
  • Date - Reproduction Item: April 26, 2006