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Plotter Drawings, 1966 - 1970: Aging Process

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  • Filename: 28.jpg
  • Accession: C07.13163

  • Title: Aging Process

  • Title 2: Young to Old

  • Creator: Charles A. Csuri
  • Date: 1967

  • Type: drawing
  • Sub-Type (Sub-Genre): plotter drawing
  • Material: black ink, paper
  • Hardware: Calcomp drum plotter model 565, IBM 7094, punch cards
  • Collection: Charles A. Csuri
  • Historical Significance: From 1967 to 1969, Csuri created a series of plotter drawings that expressed, in still frame, concepts articulated in his fragmentation animations. Works referred to as Aging Process invoke line fragmentation to show the morphing of a woman’s face. One work shows the anticipated transition of a young woman’s face into an old woman’s face.

  • Artist's Comments: Two drawings were digitized, one of a young girl and the other of an old woman. The program starts with the young girl and then in stages moves it toward the older woman. Gradually the drawing is fragmented with a greater displacement as it reaches the center. Then the fragments begin to incrementally change their shape until the drawing of the woman is realized. This process was used to create a short animation sequence and it was probably more effective as an animation rather than a still image.

  • Notes: See other works from the the Aging Process series in this collection.

  • Copyright: CsuriVision ltd. (c) All Rights Reserved
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  • Reproduction Format: scan of original
  • Date - Reproduction Item: May 10, 2006