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Charles A. Csuri
Generative Movement Art, 2006 - present ➔ Fashion Models, from arc

Moving Image

Charles A. Csuri
Unix environment

Historical Significance
Generative Movement: Generative Movement is a specific kind of animation that relates to Csuri's Infinity Series. Works from his Infinity Series are a type of generative art that can be referred to as "jumpy animation." These stand in contrast to Generative Movement animations' slow and smooth movement in space over time. To Csuri, Generative Movement is an art form that does not rely on a narrative. Instead, visual forms, color, light and three-dimensional space are the focus of the works. With his recent studies and subsequent Generative Movement works, Csuris art reaches new levels of expressiveness. The artist explores the traditional artistic concerns of visual forms, color and light, but this time within a three-dimensional space. The art becomes increasingly dynamic and magnetizing in Csuris possibility spaces. In many of the Generative Movement works, such as Geomancy, Irrepressible Red and An Orange Mixture, we see Csuris interest in three-dimensional calligraphic drawings, which captured his attention long ago and has bestowed many of his still works with a blending of drawing and sculpture. Here, however, movement is realized, rather than suggested, as Csuri expresses the process of change that occurs in an environment. It is dynamic and engaging. The slow movements give particular attention to the light and color that fill the three-dimensional spaces. Csuri notes that the changes taking place are similar to how he visualizes pictorial space and the relationships of between objects. Says Csuri: This may be a reflection of my personal need for a slower paced universe, where I have a sense of control. I prefer things where complexity is revealed in ways that do not depend upon rapid motion. While there is the risk of boredom, because it does not relate to our faster paced lives, the tempo might make it easier to appreciate the beauty of the visual forms, the light and the spatial relationships. Computer procedures and algorithms that incorporated randomness and b-spl
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Charles A. Csuri