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Charles A. Csuri
Plotter drawings created using randomness and chance
Plotter Drawings and Sculpture, 1966 - 1970 ➔ Random Flies

plotter drawings
Charles A. Csuri
papers, black ink

Historical Significance
The concepts of randomness and chance have influenced Csuris art since he began working with computers in the early 1960s. Feeding Time, like Random War, explores the notion of randomness, but uses Csuris light-hearted drawing of a common housefly. Through the use of a random number generator, each fly was given a size, an orientation, and a set of landing coordinates within a series of one-inch concentric rings. As noted by Thomas Linehan, this work prefigures much of the current and future work being done in algorithmic control software used to guide robotic systems and the mathematical models to describe the flocking, herding, and schooling of animals such as birds, sheep, and fish, respectively. (See Beyond Boundaries catalogue, 83-84.
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Charles A. Csuri