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Charles A. Csuri
Plotter drawings created using transformation techniques
Plotter Drawings and Sculpture, 1966 - 1970 ➔ Leonardo I

plotter drawings
Charles A. Csuri
papers, black ink
51 x 152 cm (20 x 60 in.)

Historical Significance
Csuri continued to work with transformations on drawings and created several works based on Leonardo da Vincis Vitruvian Man. To do this, Csuri first made a drawing based on Leonardos famous sketch. He then invoked the mathematical concept of circle inversion as a means by which to transform his drawing. By varying the numbers in the equations, Csuri was able to direct the computer to alter his original drawing. Circle inversion allowed him to make transformations beyond scaling along x and y coordinates, as he had done using an analogue device in the After the Artist series two years earlier. See also "Leondardo's Human Proportions" in this series.
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Charles A. Csuri