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Transitional Works, 1962 - 1965 ➔ Profile of a Woman's Face (Smoothed)


J.G. Raudseps
By chance, Csuri picked up a report from the Electrical Engineering Department. An image of a womans face in profile captured his attention. He had discovered the robotics and image processing research of Professor Robert MeGee and graduate students William Haagen and J. G. Raudseps.

Historical Significance
Rauspeds work represents one of the first attempts to interpolate raster data. In sum, his research proceeded in the following way: Step 1: A black and white photograph of a woman in profile was identified. Step 2: In order to simplify the grayscale data in the photograph, a painting of the photograph was created. Step 3: The painting was subsequently photographed and digitized. Step 4: The grays in the photograph were quantized, or mapped into regions. Step 5: The program created by Rausped to interpolate the quantized raster data was implemented. The goal of this process was to introduce enough gradation in the grayscale that the final output image was indiscernible from the photograph in Step 3.
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J.G. Raudseps