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Charles A. Csuri
1987 - 1991 ➔ A Child's Face


Charles A. Csuri
canvases, oils
76 x 102 cm (30 x 40 in.)

Historical Significance
A Child's Face is significant as a clear example of Csuri's long-held interest in Paul Cézanne's use of passagé, a technique that may result from an intimate play between the foreground and background planes. In A Child's Face, Csuri establishes this relationship and blending by using one of his oil paintings as texture and bump maps. The texture map was wrapped around the facial form and the bump map was applied to the background. Csuri's art, however, departs significantly from Cézanne's adherence to the two-dimensional picture plane. By striving to create a sense of passagé within technology's three-dimensional possibility space, Csuri accomplishes an expressive interpretation of light, color and texture within a dynamic environment that, at the time, was relatively unique to computer art. [JMGlowski]
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