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Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), 1998 ➔ No Place to Hide

Moving Image

Charles A. Csuri
Unix environment

Historical Significance
Dr. Matthew Lewis is on the staff at ACCAD and introduced Chuck in a serious way to VRML. Matt Lewis a staff member at ACCAD was getting into VRML and started to work with Chuck. Following is Matt's description of the events:

"About a year ago, when I first started doing a lot of VRML work, Chuck started asking me about VRML's potential for implementing what he had referred to as 'Real-time Art Objects' decades earlier, when he first started using the computer to make art. What he described sounded to me like his still images, but interactive: the objects would be moving and the user's interactions would cause them to change in interesting ways.
Originally, I constructed a VRML file for Chuck which primarily consisted of a Script node which used VrmlScript to generate an environment whose qualities were based on the values Chuck provided for a large set of variables. This first wrl simply created a randomly placed set of texture mapped boxes which spun around the environment at random. Using the parameter set I provided, Chuck could specify the number of boxes, the textures and colors to use, and other qualities such as the minimum and maximum size and velocity of the boxes, as well as the distance they could travel.
After experimenting with the possibilities for a day or two, Chuck would then ask, 'How hard would it be to add sound?' or 'Can we mix in some more complicated geometry?' Twenty versions of the code later, Chuck can now specify a mix of textured cubes and polygonal objects, control interactive transitions from one object or texture into another, and apply sequentially triggered and ambient sounds."
-Matt Lewis, 1998

Source: Sandy Ressler

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