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Plotter Drawings and Sculpture, 1966 - 1970 ➔ Bird Flying in a Circle

plotter drawings
Charles A. Csuri
papers, black ink
Punch Cards, Calcomp Drum Plotter Model 565
See also other still works and animations that use the famous hummingbird drawing.

Historical Significance
Csuri’s early computer art is comprised entirely of line drawings, due to technological constraints. In this early period, he sought ways to achieve contrast and dimensionality by investigating the relationship between these two-dimensional objects. In Birds Flying in a Circle, Csuri explored the possibility of creating texture and pattern by replicating and overlapping his famous drawing of a hummingbird. Birds Flying in a Circle also demonstrates Csuri’s interest in object transformation. The simple drawing of a hummingbird is transformed into a new aesthetic object that is circular in form and outwardly radiates. The new object entirely masks its source form.
Artist's Comments
The drawing of a hummingbird was placed on a polar coordinate system. The program calls for 22 birds to be place in a circle.

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