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Mr. and Mrs. Reagh
Plotter Drawings and Sculpture, 1966 - 1970 ➔ Sine Curve Man

plotter drawings
Charles A. Csuri; James Shaffer
papers, black ink
Punch Cards, IBM 7094, Calcomp Drum Plotter Model 565
104 x 104 cm (41 x 41 in.)
Collection of Caroline and Kevin Reagh.

Historical Significance
Csuri’s drawing of a bearded man gained acclaim when the artist imaginatively transformed it using the sine curve function, and, in1967, it won the Computers and Automation contest. Unlike Five Faces (1966), which uses instancing and seems to invoke motion as horizontal vibration, Sine Curve Man is a single form, altered to create an oscillating portrait. To obtain this effect, Csuri kept the x value constant and then placed a sine curve function upon the Y value. Given the x and Y coordinates for each point, the figure was plotted by the computer from xï = x Yï + Cx SIN (x) where C is increased for each successive image. Csuri’s abstraction of the face suggests parallels with early Cubist movements and manages, without having the advantage of color, to invoke some of the emotive qualities of Expressionism.

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